but not without 14 balloons and a traffic cone as a

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So apparently I look like Rachel Berry from Glee! This admission came from my amazing photographer Frank who has been helping me with all my latest Outfit du Jour shots recently. He absolutely amazing and one of the nicest people I have worked with so far in Dubai.
Following the Hottest Bachelor in Dubai party at People by Crystal, the girls and I continued partying until lights came up and on a school night as well! We work hard, we party harder!
Dress: Jane Norman. This year highlights for me included meeting one of my favourite shoe designers, Charlotte Dellal from Charlotte Olympia, running into Matthew Williamson (Yes, literally running into him!) and eating the most moreish delights from Hakkasan. The champagne flowedcopiously, camera flashes were a plenty and music filled the night air until way past most people bed time.
I started my night at Selfridges which had a range of events going on in store. After getting my complimentary manicure and purchasing some gorgeous AW makeup essentials, I was given some fab Chanel Makeup Confidential stickers. First bit of swag for the night and I only been out for half an hour!
Next stop was the Alice by Temperley launch upstairs at Selfridges. A truly stunning collection! I wish I could have stuck around to meet Alice, but after a replica louis vuitton pitstop at Pinkberry to sample some of their delicious Caramel flavour, it was off to South Molten Street!
South Molten Street was buzzing with activity with model scouts and photographer at every two paces. After sampling some delicious mini cheesecake bites at the launch of the Aftershock Autumn/Winter collection, I just had to stop by the Bertie Mini photobooth! What a fun idea. I got a little carried away with the props, but it was such a laugh!
Within one minute, I got to be a pirate, a playboy bunny, have myself framed and whisked off to Hawaii, all from the comfort of a Classic Mini. This fabulous new accessories line includes wallets, scarves, handbags and fur stoles. After picking two of my favourite pieces, a pink stole and gorgeous black handbag, I was ushered into a photbooth to pose in my own advertising campaign with a wind machine!
Mulberry was the next stop on my route and this place was heaving! The queue to get in was over half an hour long at one point, but with giveaways that included a limited edition Mulberry Bayswater bag, I didn blame anyone! We were kept entertained by face painters, a DJ, plenty of food and bubbles and some yummy nuts from the stall outside. I also spotted the gorgeousCaraDelevingne, Alexa Burke and Brix Smith Start complete with her adorable pooches in store too!
I couldn not share these pictures of the gorgeous new range of bags in Mulberry. In between celeb spotting, I was fawning over the stunning colours and textures as if I were a kid in a candy store. Divine!
If you were following my Night replica louis vuitton Out antics on Twitter, you would have seen me post this picture online. Yes I wearing a badger mask. Yes I surrounded by mushrooms. But no, I hadn eaten any! Before leaving Mulberry, we were able to have some silly snaps taken of us wearing ridiculous animal masks! Clearly I chose a high quality designer replica handbags wholesale badger for my best friend Somaiah who is rather taken with them.
I walked into Charlotte Olympia next to find designer Charlotte Dellal sitting down hand painting some gorgeous shoes. As I am a replica louis vuitton handbags massive fan, I took this chance to watch her work and speak to her about her designs. But she first commented on my T shirt. I was wearing one of my favourite DINZ T shirts which has a shoe painted on it. Charlotte commented that it was a cool T shirt and asked to have a closer look at it. Now the T shirt has the slogan Love Red Soles on it. This sent high quality designer replica handbags both of us into a fit of giggles and after joking that I couldn wear the T shirt in her store, Charlotte insisted that I take one of her store bags with her which has a very cute web design on it.
Swag courtesy of Charlotte Dellal herself was definitely something worthwhile. And the yummy cake pops were a great touch to a truly fabulous event.
Just opposite Charlotte Olympia store is my latest go to place for shoes in London The Box Boutique. I probably spent more time in this store than any other and by this time, my partner in crime, Golchehr had finally finished work and joined me on the circuit. After indulging in candy floss at the store, we had a look at the exclusive Swarvoski UGG that were on sale and tried on some amazing pieces of Nialaya jewellery. Nialaya is one of my favourite jewellery brands and I am so happy it is stocked at The Box now.
I also finally met co owner of the boutique, Yulia Pashevkina. My dear friend Tara Sillery had organised my invite to the event in store with Yulia, so I took the chance to catch up with her on all the things happening in store. She even showed me the UGG she hidden away for herself!
The one thing I absolutely loved at the Box Boutique event was the fashion illustrator they had sketching guest portraits. He was so talented! Check out the fab portrait he did for me in under five minutes.
I had this pictured framed and put in my bedroom as a reminder of high quality replica handbags china an amazing night out!
Golchehr and I then made our way to Bruton Street and after tucking into cheap louis vuitton bags from china the most delicious snacks courtesy of Hakkasan at DVF, we ventured into Matthew Williamson where I just had to try on this stunning coat. It reminded me of the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street and felt absolutely divine against my skin. To be honest, we wanted to stick around in Williamson just for the music! It Fake Louis Vuitton Replica Bags was total party central, but with plenty more parties to get to, it was time to get running. And we did just that. Run. Only I happened to run right into cheap louis vuitton bags from china uk designer Matthew Williamson himself who seen me playing dress up in his fabulous design and said that it complimented my shoes perfectly. He was right. I had my blue Louboutins on and the colour was a dead cert!
You think that we would be all partied out, but we were only getting started! And with the arrival of my friend Lauren, we had extra motivation to power through the crowds. We got snapped with the Dior taxi and then hit DKNY which had the rowdiest crowd enjoying coconut cocktails. We almost ventured into Louis Vuitton which had a full on party going, but decided to leave the crowds and hit Jimmy Choo.
I should never be allowed into a shoe shop as I ALWAYS find a pair that I want and these beauties from Jimmy Choo just went to the top of my wish list!
Final point of call of the night was Hermes. As we got there too late to play the bowling game which was set up in a huge horse carriage, we decided to do some horsing around 1:1 replica handbags of our own. Queue helmets and some serious posing and there the result!

With our feet throbbing and with parties winding down it was time to head home. But not without 14 balloons and a traffic cone as a souvenir from one hell of a night out. London you were amazing. I cannot wait fake designer bags until next year!I love DINZ. It is possibly my favourite brand based in Dubai and I swear when I clamped eyes on this stunning statement necklace from their collection last year, I immediately sent a blackberry message to Dina Zahran, designer at DINZ to ask her how I could get my hand on it! The geometric designed statement necklace is gold plated and features beautiful pastel enamel stones. It is also available in turquoise. The perfect accessory for styling up a simple outfit and its candy colours are just up my street. 


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